Let us tune you happy!

Your piano is not out of tune because you cannot hit the right tones, but because it is subject to constant climate and temperature changes – especially during autumn and spring. Such periods lead to changes in wood humidity, causing the sounding board to lift and lower itself , resulting in erratic changes in the tension of the strings and the production of wrong tones during play. We “re-stretch” the strings to optimal tension in order for them to resonate in the correct frequency again. Depending on the degree of detuning, a good piano maker is able to reinstate the harmonic sound of your instrument within 1 to 2 hours.

The durability of such a tuning is dependant not only on the climatic circumstances but also on the skill and experience of the piano maker. That is why we only employ experienced piano makers and master piano makers in our field service.

WARNING: The manufacturer's warranty becomes void if the tuning work is undertaken by a layman without a recognised piano maker qualification.